More G20 Lawsuits

Press conference to be held in front of Toronto police headquarters

Press Conference
2 p.m.
Thursday, June 23, 2011
Toronto Police Service Headquarters
40 College St. Toronto ON

June 23, 2011 - Two more G20 related lawsuits have been filed against the Toronto Police Services Board. The claims will be served on the Board on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 2pm. The claims will be serve at the Toronto Police Service Headquarters and at the same time a press conference will take place.

The press conference is organized by lawyer Davin Charney. The claims will be shared with media in attendance and one of the Plaintiffs, Courtney Winkels, will attend.

Ms. Winkels is suing the Toronto Police Services Board for $100,000 in Superior Court for false arrest and violations of the Charter of Rights. Part of her story was infamously featured on a video in which Toronto Police Service officer Adam Josephs threatened to arrest her for blowing bubbles. See link.

Ms. Winkels was arrested and held in custody for more than 50 hours. She was taken to the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre and subjected to treatment identified in her claim as “cruel and unusual.” She was denied reasonable access to food and water, kept in handcuffs for approximately 15 hours, denied reasonable bail and access to a lawyer and eventually transferred to a provincial jail where she was strip searched. All of her charges were dropped at her first court appearance on August 23, 2010.

The second Plaintiff, Jason Wall, is suing the Board for $25,000 in Small Claims Court. He alleges that he was falsely arrested on June 27, 2010 while on his way to church. Mr. Wall was walking up Yonge St. by himself when he was accosted by approximately 20 police officers. The officers pushed and pulled Mr. Wall and arrested him for “disguise with intent to commit a criminal offence”. At the time of his arrest Mr. Wall was wearing a bandana around his neck. He was taken to the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre and held in “cruel and unusual” conditions for more than 28 hours. He was forced to wear hand cuffs for more than 20 hours, slept on the floor, and had to submit to a degrading strip search after which he was released without charge.

For more information call Davin Charney at 647-342-7334 or